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Clane Gas Services
Kildare - Boiler Maintenance

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Betaghstown, Clane, Kildare

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Boiler Maintenance

We here at Clane Gas Services offers our customers an expert boiler maintenance service. We are on hand for yearly services which guarantee that your boiler is functioning at the finest efficiency. Our boiler maintenance service identifies and amends issues with your gas boiler before they grow into more severe problems down the line. We can source and replace parts for most makes and models of gas boilers.


Our maintenance service includes inspecting each individual part of the boiler to guarantee their on-going operation. We also replace impaired or extremely worn parts whenever needed. Clane Gas also checks CO2 levels and all boiler safety features to guarantee their ongoing capability.

Strange Noise

If you notice an odd sound coming from your boiler it may be a sign that an issue has occurred. All boilers produce a slight humming noise, but if you hear a new noise from the boiler contact us to organise us to check it for you.

Boiler Won’t Switch On

In the event that your boiler won’t switch on, make sure all your thermostats and regulators are turned up and calling for heat. This is a seasonal problem when the weather gets milder. If your boiler still doesn’t work after turning up all the thermostats, contact us to organise one of our engineers to fix the issue.

Not Heating Water/Radiators

If your boiler won’t heat water at home or isn’t warming the home, we endorse contacting Clane Gas Services ASAP.

Boiler Leaking

Water leaking from a boiler is a signal that something is damaged. If you see water leaking from your boiler - contact Clane Gas Services ASAP.

Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 5:00

Only Open On Saturdays (9:00 – 11:00) During the Heating Season September - April.


Clane Gas Services Kildare

Betaghstown, Clane, Kildare
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